Football from a Football Fan

Future of Sports Journalism

Sports journalism is in it’s golden age and showing no signs of slowing down. As the age of smart phones application moves in, the age of the newspaper will pass by. Newspapers are on their way out, the average age of newspaper readers goes up every year, no matter how hard they fight, newspapers will eventually be nonexistent. In an age where instant statistics and information is expected, the internet has become the premier media outlet for distributing sporting news. While ESPN and specialized sports channels seem to ensure that television will have a much longer lifespan than newspapers, the internet appears to have the most longevity of all outlets.

As technology advances, the internet has become more and more accessible. The introduction of the smart phone has made following sports on the go simple. In fact it is projected that by the end of 2011 smart phones will be more prevalent than regular cell phones. With smart phones come mobile application. Nearly every major media outlet from ESPN to Sports Illustrated to FOX Sports News has one or more smart phone applications, not to mention the dozens of individual applications. As the majority shifts towards smart phones, society will become more obsessed with instant information and accessibility. Mobile sporting applications have ensured that, for a price, a person can do anything from monitor stats, to watch live games all on a mobile phone.

The internet and mobile applications have allowed fans to pick and choose what kind of sports media they receive. If someone only wants football news, they can get only football news, if they only want news on a particular team, they can get it. Twitter started a new phenomenon, the ability to follow an individual athlete or sporting personality on a 24-hour cycle. Mobile apps took this one step further and gave individual athletes full apps completely dedicated to themselves. App developer Rocksoftware has made apps for Chad Ochocinco, Jared Allen, and Terrell Owens, with plans for dozens more in the near future. Sports Media has reached the point in its evolution where fans can have their sporting news completely catered to them.

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