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The Worldwide Leader in Accessibility

The self proclaimed worldwide leader in sports, ESPN has indeed become a worldwide brand. Despite having no idea what ESPN stands for, millions of people throughout the world frequently visit the sports media behemoth daily. ESPN’s M.O. is accessibility is any and every major sport in the world. While there are many news and media outlets that provide more in-depth analysis and news on one particular sport, none have come close to replicating what ESPN has. is the only place where one can watch highlights of every sport from the MLB to Canadian Football, to cricket. By being, the “Worldwide” leader in sports, ESPN ensures that in order to gain any access to international sports, Americans have to go through them. The media giant has also cornered the market on large scale sporting events both domestic and internationally. ESPN is the exclusive carrier of Monday Night Football, the most watched game any given week in the NFL. Every four years, ESPN hosts the most watched sporting tournament in the world as they provide constant coverage of the World Cup. Again following their mantra of accessibility, ESPN also features a unique site, The allows the visitor to watch nearly every major college sporting event for a given week, all for free. Boise State is one of my favorite teams to watch both for their unique high scoring offense and the fact that a god friend of mine plays nicklebacker for them. Sadly, given their weak schedule of relatively no name opponents and the fact that most of their games are decided by the first quarter, Boise State games are rarely televised. However allows me to watch Boise week in and week out.

Not only does ESPN offer the most coverage on the most sports of any news media outlet, but they also provide fans with the most ways of accessing that coverage. ESPN has two channel on most basic cable packages, and 4 or 5 for those willing to upgrade. The channel’s main show, Sportcenter has won multiple Emmys and provides news coverage on a daily basis. In addition to channels, ESPN features it’s websites, and as well as multiple smartphone apps. In a world where the smartphone is taking over as the on the go media and news device, ESPN has more than catered to the demands of users. News in the 21st century, especially sporting news is all about speed and accessibility, probably because ESPN has spoon fed sport fans with constant coverage, setting the bar for other media outlets.

2 responses

  1. Annie Dreyer

    I think you did a really great job of highlighting all the ways ESPN has become so accessible and so successful at maximizing its coverage. It really is hard to imagine a world before ESPN. Sports fans in a pre-ESPN era certainly must have been starkly different from sports fans today. With the outstandingly numerous ways ESPN has infiltrated everyday life, it is hard to believe Tufts dorms still do not receive the channel, but something tells me that really isn’t a priority for the “world-wide leader in sports.”

    November 16, 2010 at 5:10 pm

  2. pdoher02

    The “worldwide” aspect of ESPN isn’t without its drawbacks, however. They essentially have a monopoly on the field, which means we follow what they cover. ESPN has received a lot of criticism for plugging coverage of Brett Farve, overemphasizing the Red Sox and Yankees, the Decision (obviously), and a lack of transparency concerning internal business operations. That said, Fox Sports Net and any other challengers just simply haven’t been able to reproduce or compete with SportsCenter and the extent of coverage that ESPN offers.

    November 16, 2010 at 5:25 pm

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