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Should Broncos Compete for BCS Title?

After a Fiesta Bowl win over TCU last year, the Boise State Broncos entered into the current NCAA football season as the number 4 ranked team in the country. It seemed as if this was finally the year that Boise would earn enough respect to make a legitimate case for the National Championship. With convincing wins over then ranked opponents Virginia Tech and Oregon State and the recent losses of Alabama and Ohio State the Broncos have moved up into the AP #2 spot in the country behind #1 Oregon. While things certainly look to be going in favor of the Broncos, there is an ever lingering question in the minds of all the BCS teams, does Boise deserve to play in a National Championship?

Since their miraculous 2006 Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma, Boise state has gained national recognition. They have continued to dominate the WAC since and have always performed well against ranked opponents during the regular season and bowl games. The ever-present criticism of Boise has been their lack of a consistently strong schedule. Being in the WAC, Boise must play several sub-par teams during the season. However, when given the chance to face a ranked opponent or ranked team Chris Peterson’s Broncos have always delivered a win, often in exciting fashion. Over the last few year Boise has proven themselves time and time again against ranked team, so why don’t they deserve a chance to compete against the best in the nation?

While they have been dominated in recent years many BCS skeptics wonder if they are on the same level as the BCS powerhouses that play stiff competition every week. Boise has beaten ranked teams, no one can argue that, but those games are few and far between. Put Boise in the nation’s toughest conference, the SEC, and force them to compete week in and week out against some of the best teams in the country and I wonder if they could continue their national record of 20 consecutive wins. Playing tough teams every week takes a lot out of a team so when Boise plays in their BCS Bowl game against an Oklahoma who has faces tough competition all year, Boise goes into the game without the wear and tear of a tough schedule.

There is no doubt Boise has proven themselves time and time again, and they can only play the teams that are on their schedule and so far they seem to be in the running for a national title. Although one wonders as the target on the backs of the Broncos continues to grow and they move into the more competitive Mountain West Conference next year will they be able to stay unbeaten?

2 responses

  1. I think the fact that Boise State has the luxory of not being in a conference like the SEC is huge when thinking of the wear and tear of the team. Boise is able to take their starters out much earlier in games than most other schools because they are not in as many close games. Although the MWC is a step up from the WAC, it still is not the SEC.

    October 18, 2010 at 8:32 pm

  2. pdoher02

    I no doubt agree that playing in the WAC means that Boise State, with such a talent advantage in comparison with their opponents, is in better shape to win in January with less wear and tear. However, if you’re going to maintain the BCS system, it’s just ridiculous to have teams that are incapable of playing for a national championship no matter how many games they win. I personally find it insulting that Boise State had to put up incredibly successful seasons for 5 straight years in order to get to this point – in no other sport would this be the case.

    October 19, 2010 at 4:04 pm

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