Football from a Football Fan

Why do we Fantasize?

Like it or not fantasy football is here to stay and everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. From Yahoo to ESPN to CBS, everyone has their own fantasy football game that promises to deliver an experience unlike all the rest. And to be honest why shouldn’t they? Fantasy football has become a monster, the big outlets like NFL, ESPN, and Rotowire have entire staffs devoted to researching the best fantasy players from week to week. Just look at’s Michael Fabiano whose sole purpose is to tell fans which player to target on the waiver wire and who to start every week. The man is literally making a living telling people how to play and imaginary game. Fantasy football has even reached mainstream audiences in the form of FX’s TV show, “The League.” With literally thousands and thousands of leagues taking place across the county one (particularly my girlfriend) might ask what’s the big deal? Why is fantasy football so popular?

No matter how hard it try when Sunday comes and my lineups are set and I sit in front of the TV trying to decide which early game to watch I always decide on the game that has more of my fantasy players in it. Regardless of the quality of the game, it could watching the 49ers get blown out by the Chiefs but if I have Frank Gore or Vernon Davis on my team then I need to watch them. Fantasy football ensures that there will always be a game on that I have a personal and emotion investment in. It is this excitement that created in even the most mundane games that add to the appeal of fantasy.

I originally got into it when some friends of mine needed a 10th to complete their league and after week 1 of the regular season I was hooked. Perhaps it allowed me to role play just as a Dungeons and Dragons player acts as a wizard or knight while playing I was able to act as a general manager. Or maybe it made the games on Sunday more exciting. It could just be feeding my competitive fire with the sport I love the most. Or possibly it was simply giving me someone besides my home team to root for (and trust me when you’re a Raider fan you need to be able to root for someone who doesn’t shoot themselves in the foot). All of these reasons and more are why I became hooked and fantasy draft day is marked on my calendar months in advance.

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  1. Though I have never played any fantasy sports, I find the obsession fascinating. I liked hearing about why you enjoy fantasy football, and it really does make perfect sense why it would be a great source of entertainment for you. It is pretty incredible how big the concept of fantasy sports has gotten–ranging across all types of sports with a growing array of professional experts.

    October 12, 2010 at 4:37 pm

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